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#32 Patty/Jerky/Snack Stick Maker Attachment | LEM-517C

#32 Patty/Jerky/Snack Stick Maker Attachment

LEM 3 in 1 Grinder Attachment

Unit attaches to any of LEM's electric #32 grinders. Simply thread the waxed paper on the chute and start making patties, jerky, or snack sticks. Makes 1/2" thick x 4" patties or 3/8" patties. Jerky and snack sticks are always a uniform size for even drying.


-Adapter Collar, Head, & Chute
-1 Patty plate (3/8" Thick)
-1 Jerky Plate (3 Slots 3/16"X1-3/16")
-1 Snack Stick Plate (4 Holes, 1/2" Dia.)
-1 Roll of paper, scissors & complete instructions

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