BBQ Season is upon us! (New product!)

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BBQ Season is upon us! (New product!)

It's BBQ Season again! 

      We know for some of you it never ended - but we're here with a few new things to spice up your grilling experience!

First off, we secured 4 models of the Grilla Grills - Once they are gone, they are gone! (Regina Location)

UPDATE: 05/07-2021 - Only three models remain, the Chimp and the Silverbac and Silverbac All Terrain.

First come, first serve! 

Grilla Chimp - $1088.99 (Comes with the Front Shelf)

Grilla Silverbac - $1748.98 (Comes with Cover, Front Shelf, Accessory Kit)

Grilla Silverbac All Terrain - $2188.96 (Comes with Cover, Front Shelf, Jerky Rack & Accessory Kit)