Dual Temp Infrared with Probe

Product Code: COO-480-0-8

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Dual Temp Infrared with Probe - Model # 480

The Dual Temp 480's innovative design incorporates a Non-contact Infrared Thermometer to measure surface temperature with a Retractable Thermocouple Probe to measure internal temperature.  Now you won't need two separate instruments to meet all your temperature needs.  The Dual Temp 480 is your two-in-one kitchen solution!

Loaded with features, the Dual Temp 480's pocket size design is F/C selectable, has min/max memory with a lock function for long term monitoring, a 15-second temperature hold and auto off.  These features make the Dual Temp 480 very adaptable to all working environments.

Temperature Range:  IR: -27 to 428 degrees F / -33 to 220 degrees C / Probe:  -67 to 626 degrees F / -55 to 330 degrees C

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