Bear Mountain Pellets (Multiple Flavors)

Product Code: LIG-F


Sawdust, Charcoal, Pellets & Wood Chunks, Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets

Choose your flavor from the drop down menu above.

Gourmet: Oak, Hickory, Maple, Cherry - Smoky and sweet wood-fired flavor  
(Comes in 40 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FB99)
Bourbon: Pure Oak Bourbon Barrel 
(Comes in 20 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FK88)
Bold: Oak, Mesquite, Hicory - Smoky, earthy and rich Texas Style 
(Comes in 20 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FK91)
Sweet BBQ:  Oak, Maple, Cherry - Brings out the sweeter side of things. Good for enhancing sweet marinades and rubs.
(Comes in 20 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FK92)
Savory: Oak, Hickory, Maple - Smooth, and Smokey - Brings out natural flavors. 
(Comes in 20 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FK93)
Apple: Apple & Oak - Light, Sweeter and Earthy - Suitable for for Lighter smoke applications (Pork,Chicken, Fish).
(comes in 40 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FB12)
Maple: Maple & Oak - Mild, Slightly Sweet - Use maple wood with poultry and small game birds. Vegetables and cheeses are often grilled with maple.
(Comes in 40 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FK94)
Hickory: Hickory & Oak - Mildly sweet, yet strong smoke flavor - Great for most meats, especially red and wild. Great for Bacon.
(Comes in 40 Pound Bags. Code#: LIG-FB14)

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