Ok here's a reason why i think JBs is amazing for the home cook. It is absolutely the best quality AND value for spice and spice blends. I think the prices are often about 1/4 the price of Superstore, but the blends are really something. A few examples: Cajun #3. Full flavour..not just cayenne and salt. Its rounded and full. $6 for 228gr. I think you pay that much for 50gr of a McCormick spice. Santa Fe. Too often tex-mex is all onion and chili. This is nuanced. Onion soup base. Lipton seems like garbage now BBQ chicken Seasoning. omg. nothing else needed. Seasoning salt...it's sophisticated. No more Lowry's Steak seasoning. Again...not just pepper and garlic blasted into your mouth like Montreal steak spice from coop. This is gourmet s%#t. Stock up and fire up your grill kids. I have been taking risks and trying stuff since i found the place...even tried making gumbo (success!) And the boss lady at the Saskatoon store knows her stuff and has great help...cute too! lol.
Aaron Krahn
July 23, 2021 via Google