JB Sausage Maker Supplies Ltd.

JB'S Sausage Maker Supplies is pleased to have composed a website that we hope you will find not only informative but also user-friendly!

We stock a full line of sausage making supplies, pure spices, and equipment. Your "One-stop shop" for the home cook, the hobbyist, and the serious sausage maker or butcher! From the frontline staff, shipping crew, service department, our knowledgeable sales reps or the staff who do our ordering, we are a team that wants to help you succeed! We are confident that once you try our products, you will keep coming back for more!

We are extremely fortunate to have such great customers and continue to deal with many right across Canada and the United States.

As you browse our website, please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

JB'S Founding Partners

JB's founding partners, John Bogdan and Dwayne Huber, each have an extensive background in the meat industry.

John started his career with Burns Meats Ltd. in sales, moved on to the provisions department, where he was in charge of costing and production. He then became a branch manager. From Burns, John went on to Centennial Packers and continued his experience on other aspects of the meat industry. Still eager to gain more knowledge, John went on and became territory manager in sales for Unipac. In 1993 John moved on to work at Western Butcher Supply, where he met Dwayne Huber who became a very close friend and business partner.

Dwayne started working in the meat industry in 1982. Dwayne worked for Western Butcher Supply in sales & service for both independent and chain stores. In 1995 John Bogdan and Dwayne Huber made the decision to open their own Butcher Supply store.

JB'S Sausage Maker Supplies was opened in March of 1995, with only two people to run the operation! Dwayne with his vast knowledge of equipment and John with his vast knowledge of spices and food, in general, made them a perfect pair. Today JB'S thrives as a multi-million dollar company, with a growing staff. JB'S Sausage Maker Supplies prides itself on its exceptional customer service and knowledge in the meat, restaurant, and retail industry!

Unfortunately, in December of 2011 Dwayne's partner and friend, John Bogdan passed away. John had many years of knowledge that he always made sure we were part of. With that being said our business is still thriving and we have John to thank for teaching us so much!