109PCM Horizontal Mechanical Slicer (w/ Mechanical Thickness Adjustment)

Product Code: BIRO-MOD/109PCM

Slicers, Commercial Use Slicers

The 109PCM Mechanical Model w/ Mechanical Thickness Adjustment can slice up to 170 and 180 slices respectively per minute of Boneless Meat Products. This unit can raise your slicing operation to a higher level of productivity to help lower labor cost and increase profits. The specially designed sickle-type curved smooth blade slices the product cleanly (no tearing) thus increases product shelf life and reduces shrink and waste.


-Model: 109PCM
-Length: 79 11/16 inches
-Width: 33 1/2 inches
-Height: 49 inches
-Loading Chamber Length: 30 inches
-Loading Chamber Width: 10 inches
-Loading Chamber Height: 9 inches
-Product Output 170-180 Slices per minute
-Slice Thickness: 1/16 inches to 1-1/8 inches
-Controller Off/On
-Controller Run or Jog
-Controller Push Button Start
-Weight: 1126 lbs

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