Injector Hand Marinade or Brine

Product Code: MID-400134

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Brine Pumps

Hand Marinade or Brine Injector

Hand Brine Pump

Use for injecting brine (cure) into hams, turkey or bacon, & also for injecting seasoning into meat.

This injector is made of commercial grade materials and is used for the continuous injection of cures and brines, but without having to stop every few minutes to refill as with the syringe-style injectors that normally only hold 2-4 oz of cure or brine.  Simply put the filter-screen foot valve into your cure or brine of choice and inject to your heart's content without those annoying and time consuming pauses to refill.  The needle stores inside itself for safe storage.  If you inject cures and brines often, this unit will pay for itself in time-savings alone.


  • Designed for pickling and seasoning small quantities of meat
  • Easy handling with minimum exertion
  • Large intake:  85 cm
  • No clogging of needle due to suction sieve
  • Made of shockproof and sanitary plastic
  • Easy cleaing by quickly taking the pump apart
  • Needle included (stores inside the plastic pump)
  • Manufacturers Warranty of 12 months

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