Manual Sausage Linker

Product Code: MID-192226

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Sausage Linkers & Accessories

The new Walton's Manual Sausage Linker is a great option for people looking for an old-world style tied off sausage. Simple to use and with the ability to make uniform sized links, this will work perfectly for the home user or small butcher shop. With all 304 Stainless Steel construction and few moving parts, this linker should give you years of quality service. This sausage linker will work with sausage up to 42mm in diameter.


- 304 Stainless steel construction
- Ties off individual casings with string
- Includes approximately 1,600 feet of twine


- Links up to 42mm diameter sausages
- Overall dimensions - 40cm x 23cm x 24cm
- 1 year warranty

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