Really good stuff for sale phemenal

Rocky Sinotte
May 26, 2020 via Google

I was going to smoke some pork tenderloin for the first time and wasn't sure what kinda rub to use. I talked to a girl who recommended the house rub. So I tried it out and I wasn't disappointed turned out awesome.

George Dieno
May 1, 2020 via Google

Simply amazing service

Derek Lafrenie
March 28, 2020 via Google

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Good inventory of not only sausage supplies, but other grilling supplies, and smokers etc. Lots of things you wouldn't find locally otherwise.

Jamie tataryn
February 14, 2020 via Google

I felt very welcome the second i walked in. It smelled fresh and my nose was very happy. I do gotta say that when i ordered the "JB Special' I was severely disappointed with the size and flavor. Definitely a 5 star shop at the end of the day.

Carter Kosowan
October 9, 2019 via Google

Had everything I needed but took a few of last items on shelf.

Ace Saskatchewan
April 19, 2019 via Google

Wow the sausage and smoking supplies in this place are second to none.

Lionel Ferron
April 18, 2019 via Google

Friendly knowledgeable staff, good products, good prices. I go here for all my meat processing needs.

April 10, 2019 via Google

Great products, great service!

T Baisley
March 12, 2019 via Google

Very helpful staff. Everything you need for sausage making supplies and meat processing

Sheldon Kainz
February 27, 2019 via Google

Awesome store and staff

Garry MacDonald
January 30, 2019 via Google

Lots of products,very knowledgable and helpful staff !!

Roger Korte
December 24, 2018 via Google

Always super knowledgeable and helpful. Quality products.

Krysten Kreese
November 7, 2018 via Google

Family run business with excellent customer service, limitless amounts of products and equipment, totally recommend shopping here.

Linda Markel
November 3, 2018 via Google

Get place shop and great service everytime

Jamie Langmo
November 1, 2018 via Google

Best place for pellets for the smoker as well as large quantities of spices and seasoning.

Perry Kerney
May 1, 2018 via Google

Very helpful staff. They know their product and even helped me save some money by buying a less expensive product. Judging by the amount of people shopping there, mine wasn't a unique experience.

Joel McNair
January 11, 2018 via Google