Maritime Madness - Restock + New Flavours

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Maritime Madness - Restock + New Flavours

Hey Folks, 

      We have just restocked our Maritime Madness line, and spiced it up with a few new flavours. 

 There is a sauce for almost every occasion you can think of. Not all of them are nuclear hot, so you can work on building up that heat tolerance. :)


Bold & Smokey BBQ Sauce  

Down East Zinger (Honey Garlic) Hot Sauce  

East Coast Wing & Ceasar Hot Sauce 

Jerk From Away - Jamaican Style Hot Sauce 

Simple Fiery Chipotle & Garlic Hot Sauce 

FireCandy - Blueberry Hot Sauce 

(Currently adding the new products to our online inventory, as soon as we can.)