Poultry (Chicken & Turkey) Shrink Bags

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Poultry (Chicken & Turkey) Shrink Bags

If you are looking to butcher some chickens or other fowl, be sure to swing by or order your shrink bags! These are a game changer folks!!! Not only will your frozen fowl be pretty as can be, but you will experience less freezer burn, and a good looking freezer!

shrink bags poultry  Poultry Shrink Bags make butchering easy, and esthetically appealing!
Sizes available:
10" x 14" - fits up to an average 5-6lb bird* - $7.95/pkg of 10
12" x 16" - fits up to an average 11lb bird* - $8.95/pkg of 10
16" x 20" - fist up to an average 20lb bird* - $9.95/pkg of 10
*NOTE: Carcass sizes differ with breed and feeding regimen. If in doubt, go for the next larger size!
Wow your family and friends with the prettiest packaged birds off your farm! Add a sticker or label to them before freezinf, if your wish!

Directions for hobby farm use:
Heat large pot of water to 180-195ºF – large enough for bird and water displacement.
1. Place bird in bag.
2. Try to remove as much air as possible (give it a hug!) and seal bag almost closed, or seal around a straw. This straw can be a plastic or metal straw. It is used to expel as much of the remaining air in the bag as possible. 
3. Place in the hot water for 2-3 seconds and remove from water. Quickly tighten the seal (remove straw prior to tightening the seal).
4. Pat dry with towel.
**Zip ties or hog rings work well to seal shrink bags.
Happy butchering!