Curing Meats

Should I Use Tenderquick?

Tenderquick has both Sodium Nitrite & Sodium Nitrate @ 0.5% each, plus other ingredients.  Unless you have a recipe that specifically asks for tenderquick; do not use it in place of Cure #1 (F.S. Cure or Sodium Nitrite @ 5%)  

If I Want To Make A Salty Bacon Or Ham What Cure Do I Need?

When curing bacon or ham it is best to use our All Purpose#2 Cure (Sodium Nitrite). This is a salty brine combination that is simple to use by adding water. If you have a recipe of your own that has salt included in it than you can use FS Cure (And Use Accordingly). 

What Is Cure For?

Cure #1 (Sodium Nitrite) is used for curing meats, or controlling harmful bacteria in your food products during the long smoking process.  C. botulinum can form in foods that are not properly blended with Sodium Nitrite. As a result, eating the product can be very...
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