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3 PC Peeler Set | SWI-00440

3 PC Peeler Set

Swissmar 3 Piece Peeler Set - 00440

These blades are scalpel sharp - this means less effort to peel and a thinner peel with every stroke.

This set includes one of each:  Scalpel, Serrated and Julienne

Scalpel -  Use the scalpel blade for hard fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes.  It can also be used to shave hard cheeses and chocolate.

Serrated -  Use the serrated blade to peel softer fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and zucchini.  You can also use a sawing motion back and forth to shred cabbage and create potato ribbons.  Dishwasher safe.  Suitable for right or left hand use.

Julienne -  Use the julienne blade to create thin strips of fruits and vegetables.  Perfect for pasta primavera, stir-frys and salads.  Also produces thin, even strips of hard cheeses for your pasta.

Side cutter removes potatoes eyes and blemishes, or cuts groves in fruits and vegetables.

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